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Sell faster, increase your AOV and CLV with branded packs and cross-sells.

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No more hell with
Fakes Bundles

POV: You are a merch site looking to sell a pack of 1 hoodie, 1 polo, 1 short (from XS to XL), so you create 1 unique product that combines the 3 products

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Impossible to create the product

You can't merge products exceeding 100 Shopify variants (6*6*6 = 216 variants for 3 products with 6 variants each) so it\'s already impossible to achieve.
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Logistics and analytics are exploding

How do you make the connections between the merged products and your logistics system (3PL)?
And for analytics, how do you get granular stats on hoodies? The answer: You can't.
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Hard to get the AOV to scale TRULY well

The solution remains static, you can not put it forward on the page product page of a hoodie that is part of the pack, or add it as a popup, everything is too restrictive.

Increase your AOV up to +40%*
By keeping your real products

Group bundle

30s to create packs with customized discounts

No headaches with complex configurations or code, you can create packs in seconds, and modify them at any time.

Inbox user interface

Your Pixel Perfect Branding with the Design Editor

Modify the entire design of your bundles, fonts, spacing, colors and spacing forkeep a homogeneous UI on your store.

Customer profile user interface

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